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Barcelona, American-Style

Posted in Barcelona by Andrew Spender on November 9, 2012

I had the benefit of some time off in Barcelona, Spain after flying in from Sao Paulo, Brazil. I planned my time like a hyper-caffeinated American tourist so that I could “do” Barcelona in the shortest time possible. Turns out I did quite well, taking in the Picasso Museum, Contemporary Art Museum, Petit Palace, St Joseph market, a stroll down the Ramblas, a look inside the Palau de la Musical Catalana, a wander through the Gothic quarter, a tour of the Cathedral and a stroll in the Park Guell. Barcelona — done.

Actually, even though I covered a huge number of miles to see quite a few of the superb places this city has to offer, Barcelona has so much more to discover. Almost every turn reveals a picturesque plaza, ancient monument, historical building or beautiful garden. It’s a beautiful city.

Here are a few photographs from my blitzkrieg tour:

























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